Maintain of WriteWalls surfaces

Mainteinance of WriteWall surfaces.

Cleaning and maintenance procedure for WriteWall / WriteWallPaint surfaces:

  • For wiping, erasing and cleaning WriteWallPaint surfaces use always WriteWall Miracle cloth, or a Microfiber cloth.
  • If it’s time for a little extra cleaning, then use a clean Microfiber cloth moistened with WriteWalls "MiracleWater". Dry with a dry and clean Microfiber cloth afterwards.

Occasional/Monthly cleaning:

  • Use only a clean Microfiber cloth moistened with WriteWalls "Miracle water". Dry it with a clean microfiber cloth. – If needed, then repeat the treatment.
  • For extra color and persistent dirt, apply household alcohol and after use a clean cloth moistened in WriteWalls "MiracleWater". – If needed then repeat.
  • Only use Microfiber cloth with light hand when you use rubbing alcohol or when cleaning your surfaces.

Never use:

  • Abrasive materials such as scouring sponges, sharp objects and similar tools who could damage the surfaces.
  • Never use ordinary pens, ball point pen, permanent markers, cleaning materials and articles, which give off fat membrane, or leaves a chemical "film", products with acid or similar.
  • Use of other brands than WriteWalls recommended markers and cleaning fluid, these products should, as a minimum, always be of the same brand, so that they are adapted to each other.

Download WriteWallPaint wall maintenance card, in Dansk, English, Norsk, Svenska, Suomeksi and Deutsch