1 liter AquaWrite Whiteboard Primer CLEAR

1 liter AquaWrite Whiteboard Primer CLEAR

  • €50.00

Fast drying - Very Water Resistant - Water dilute bar – Anti Scratch primer

Application: Whiteboard primer, Anti scratch, corrosion protective priming of steel plates, supporting structures, inside and outside.

For drywall, Wood, Metal and most plastic.

Features: Well adherent, anticorrosive and elastic.

Pretreatment: The surface cleaned of oil, grease and rust.

Application: Brush, spray or roller.

Gloss: Semi matt

Coverage: Ca. 10 m2 per. liter

Drying time: ca. 45 min

Retreatment after: 2-3 hours with AquaWrite Whiteboard paint

Dilute: Water