WriteWallPaint Tool Box

WriteWallPaint Tool Box

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WriteWallPaint Tool Box is a kit with all essential WriteWallPaint accessories for best maintenance of your writewall. All contents are professionally designed by best writewallers to keep your writewall at best condition at all times. It is tools to help you maintain your precious writewall daily as well as in extreme dirty conditions.

Tool box contains:

6 WriteWallPaint markers

2 WriteWallPaint MiracleCloths

1 WriteWallPaint MiracleWater spray bottle 250ml

1 WriteWallPaint MiracleCleaner spray bottle 250ml

1 Organizer box (6 random colors) 134mm x 195mm

We recommend to use WriteWallPaint whiteboard markers and other accessories at all times. Convenient hangable organizer box is included to have your accessories always on hand next to your wall. 

For wiping, erasing and cleaning, WriteWallPaint surfaces always use the WriteWallPaint Miracle cloth, or a Microfiber cloth.If it’s time for a little extra cleaning, then use a clean Microfiber cloth, moistened with WriteWallPaint “MiracleWater”. Dry with a dry and clean Microfiber cloth afterwards. For extra dirty surfaces apply WriteWallPaint “MiracleCleaner” or in bad cases use household alcohol; subsequently use a clean cloth, moistened in WriteWallPaint “MiracleWater” afterwards. – If needed then repeat.

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