About Us

WriteWallPaint is a writable and magnetic surface producer and installer.

How and why?

Innovation and servicing are the key stone of our company. Trough constant innovation and product development we ensure that we’re enabling creativity on all levels of the community from schools to offices to the conform of your house.

Why you ask? Well the answer is simple...

“We make people creative”

Most durable dry-erase product

Our paints are supported by a 10 year warranty. we guarantee that the paint products will not crack, peel, stain or fade if properly used and maintained.

Water Based

AquaWrite paint is a water based product, making it the most environmentally friendly dry erase/whiteboard paint on the market.


We offer easy client support trough our social media channels as well as trough our contact page.

International sales

We are looking for international dealers, distributors and friends worldwide, for both sales and installation of WriteWallPaint products.

Ordering in the European Union - Order via www.WriteWallPaint.com

Ordering in the United Arab Emirates - Order via www.surface11.com 

For overseas orders and offers, please contact us at:

E-mail: info@writewallpaint.com

Phone: +45 20 84 21 31


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